Goodbye Minnesota

Back in the midsts of time we made our debut album ‘Goodbye Minnesota’. To be absolutely truthful I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and relied a lot on my brother to sort things out. Anyway it sold out twice over then came out on vinyl and that sold out too. Ah those were the days eh?

After a quick chat with Rusted Rail who released the initial CD pressing we decided to throw it up on Bandcamp for anyone who didn’t manage to get it first time round. Thanks to Keith at Rusted Rail for providing the artwork and the original tracks all of which I’d lost.


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Memory Drawings ‘Music For Another Loss’ vinyl re-issue.

We’re very happy that Public House records have re-issued the debut Memory Drawings album ‘Music For Another Loss’.

It comes in a limited edition version of 250 copies with reverse board sleeve and a download code which gives you access to the original album plus the alternative versions and remixes that appeared on the original CD version.

If you want one you can gmd3-affectet it here….








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Prietenii compilation.

We recently gave a track to Hibernate’s ‘Prietenii‘ compilation which is helping to  raise much needed funds for stray Romanian dogs. 100% of the income from the album will be donated to the Romanian Rescue Appeal, a UK based charity that to date has saved over 1400 dogs from the horrors of the Romanian public shelters and streets.


Just look at the list of names. Go on, help out some dogs and get some great music at the same time.

State River Widening, The Declining Winter, Danny Clay, Leigh Toro, ISAN, Ian Hawgood, Wil Bolton, David Newlyn, The Inventors of Aircraft, Olan Mill, Simon Bainton, Isnaj Dui, Antonymes, Strom Noir, The Green Kingdom, Darren McClure, Caught In The Wake Forever, Hybernation and offthesky.

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Slow Spring


Been a bit hesitant to post this as don’t want to turn it into any kind of ‘these were the last recordings’ type thing…. but for anyone who is interested this is the track me and the late Chris Tenz worked on in January a week or so before his passing. It is a remix for a band called the Leaf Library that I was really struggling to finish. Chris came into the studio like a whirlwind with so many ideas happening at once that the whole thing got turned on it’s head and ended up with a lot more of the Tenz wild creativity and sonic insanity than I could have ever imagined. The very end features me answering an imaginary phone call from him telling me off for not getting the track finished. He insisted that this is how he wanted the track to end and we spent ages setting it up. Two days later Chris texted me begging me to get it done and to send it down to him so he could hear it. Now I know why he was in such a rush.

Still thinking of you, you crazy man…..

Richard x

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Autumn Email Update

img_0665The last time we sent out an email update it was spring.  Now that the leaves are doing the reverse of what they did then it’s high time we did a new one. News on upcoming gigs, hoped for new releases and even a snippet of a new song in there if you look hard enough.

View/be underwhelmed here:

Sign up and make us feel wanted:


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