Occupying The Blanks

I realise it has been an age since we updated this website. A quick look at the home page reveals that we were still touting our April and May 2020 shows which of course did not happen.

Instead we’ve been in lockdown during various things including the Music Over Distance compilation which I’ve added details of in a separate post below. I think it is fair to say that any re-arranged shows won’t be happening for a very long time so we’d better forget all about that. 

As you might imagine new music is being made and with everyone twiddling their thumbs, there are lots of collaborations on whatever will become the next The Declining Winter album. It sounds so far like one of those schizophrenic, anything goes LPs but who knows what it will end up like as it’s currently lying in bits and pieces all over the studio floor. In the meantime we made a 4 track sampler on Bandcamp with two new The Declining Winter songs, and one each from Memory Drawings and Western Edges. One of the Declining Winter songs is a rough sketch of something from the next LP, the other Occupying the Blanks is from an 8” lathe cut that was to be sold on the aforementioned tour but instead is stuck somewhere at the pressing plant.  If it ever sees the light of day we’ll try to let you know.

Anyway here you go  -it’s FREE to download and please do follow us on Bandcamp 

Stay safe everyone despite what our Prime Minister says.

Richard / The Declining Winter 

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Mailing List Sign Up

There’s a special page now where you can sign up to our Mailing List.

So please Go There and sign up today and be there first for new releases, exclusives, limited editions, tours etc etc

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Follow us on Bandcamp

Looks like Bandcamp are quickly becoming the good guys of music streaming. We will be collecting our 0.0000003p per thousand plays off Spotify later in the year so we will let you know. But with Bandcamp we get a decent chunk of sales plus it’s nice and neat how you can interact with fans. So give us a follow… then you can hear first hand the minute we release new stuff.

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Music Over Distance

Instead of doing absolutely nothing about the terrible mess our Government has made of distributing PPE to staff in the National Health Service we decided to make a compilation of music recorded in lockdown by musicians working remotely with other musicians. Music Over Distance is the result and so far we have raised over £1500 for the PPE for NHS Crowdfunder

If you’ve not got it yet then other than our contributions (and there’s three The Declining Winter, Western Edges and Great Panoptique Winter there are 19 other really excellent track by artists we love working in unusual circumstances. It’s well worth the £8 we reckon 

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