Blow Up

Wow, its been some time since I last posted….or did anything really. I’m still on the go in any case so thats the main bit of news.

Otherwise we were really happy to see our last record ‘Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window’, reviewed in Blow Up which I’m told is the Italian version of The Wire. Here is the review below:

The new EP by former Hood Richard Adams is a really nice surprise. The sound that spreads from these 4 tracks is reminiscent of the previous band’s but without the intermission, the disturbed frequencies that made us love Hood. Here the sound is reduced to the bone, to an impalpable substance resting on everything and leaving a soft, permanent track, recalling the golden years of 4AD and Project. The choice might appear dated but is actually appropriate, if guided by the feeling of loss and melancholy that is Richard’s most sincere link with the past (7/8) Roberto Canella

Oh and its now available domestically in Japan care of Linus Records

Otherwise Secret Furry Hole, Norman Records

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