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‘My Divided World’ (‘Belmont Slope’)

‘Alsager Commerce’ (‘Endless Scenery’)

‘Home For Lost Souls’ (‘Home For Lost Souls’)

‘This Sadness Lacks’  (‘Home for Lost Souls’)

‘Shore Leave’  (‘Fragment 5’ EP)

‘Haunt the Upper Hallways’ (‘Haunt the Upper Hallways’)

‘Hey EFD inst’ (‘Haunt the Upper Hallways’)

‘Official World Cup Theme 2010’!!

‘York City Three’ live in Metz, France

a brief snippet of us performing ‘haunt the upper hallways’ at urban explorers festival in netherlands

grainy footage of us performing a new untitled song at Les Ateliers Claus Brussels

‘The Year of 40’ (live at Wharf Chambers, Leeds 2015)

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