Why did I just put this up without writing anything about it a month or so back? Must have been in a hurry. Anyway here, if you want it, is the audio that went with the book Why Clanks which we issued on Paper Piano Press. It’s all sold out now but you can at least download the music and PDFs of the book.

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Look at this. It’s a Home Assembly Music extravaganza at Wharf Chambers Leeds on 16th November. No the Declining Winter appearance this year but I will be performing as part of Western Edges to open things up. Also former Hood people Bracken and A New Line (Related) are playing in support of Philadelphia whizkid MALK. Tickets from Jumbo, Crash and Wegottickets.

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UTE Beer + 7″

As usual I forgot to post details to this when it actually came out but if you are wanting the 7″ part of the incredible multi-media extravaganza that was the UTE project you can now get it from Norman Records and Colours May Vary. Two songs by us based on field recordings by Ethan Montgomery which you’ll find on the other side.

The limited edition Tape has now sold out but all the songs are up on Bandcamp and Spotify if you want the digital.

Not sure how or if you can get the beer mail order but trust us, it’s lovely.

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Read here:

…. will post mail order details as soon as I have them.

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