Western Edges ‘Dependency’

Available from Sound In Silence Bandcamp

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Yeah it’s a bit unfair how we all earn 0.000000000001 pence per thousand plays or whatever but I guess we are stuck with Spotify. We’ve been gradually uploading our back catalogue to the platform so please feel free to play it over and over until your heart is content.

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Housing Tract Blues

A home baked ‘video’ for a track off our recent Recordings of Weird Air tape. Nothing flashy here just some text and bleak housing. The blockbuster will be coming later in the year. I don’t know if its even worth doing videos these days other than its nice to get tracks on YouTube with moving images.

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Recordings Of Weird Air

Brand new tape of songs recorded direct to iPad late summer/early autumn 2020…. although there’s no tape now as they have all sold out. Pictures of what you could have won are below. You can still get the digital though and dream of the tapes spinning round.

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