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Autumn is here, the clocks have gone back and its dark at about 3 in the afternoon. I’m still in the middle of a house move, relying on my brother to house me in his spare room. I get a lovely view of the park with leaves turning all shades of gold and red.

In a matter of weeks our new CD EP ‘Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window’ will be released courtesy of those nice Italian people at Secret Furry Hole. I will post details of where you can buy but for the moment you can pre-order ONLY from HERE

We are finding time to slowly work on new music as well as finishing off the Memory Drawings LP of which I keep muttering. Everything is snails pace these days but it will be worth it in the end.

Within our ranks are Fieldhead and they have a new album out now through Gizeh Records. This is a live album, download only and is available with a donation scheme from their bandcamp page.

For now, wrap up warm, buy an umbrella and we’ll get through this thing. More news as it happens. Join me on Twitter as thats where the big news breaks when i’m busy doing other things.

richard/the declining winter

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