Recordings Of Weird Air

Brand new tape of songs recorded direct to iPad late summer/early autumn 2020…. although there’s no tape now as they have all sold out. Pictures of what you could have won are below. You can still get the digital though and dream of the tapes spinning round.

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The Declining Winter End of Year Round-Up 2020

What. A. Year. 

The worst ever? Possibly. It almost doesn’t matter that we were planning this year to be the one where we played actual shows and peeped above our bedroom parapet. Instead it was hard to know what the next day would bring.

Things did happen though – not all of them intended.

Occupying the Blanks 8”

In conjunction with the Fissile label we’d made a very special lathe cut 8” record to sell on the tour that didn’t happen. We eventually sold a first batch of 35 in June in about 5 minutes. For whatever reason I dithered until November about re-pressing it – I thought no-one would be interested but I was wrong and we sold out of a 2nd pressing of 35 in about 10 minutes. Thank you all. The digital is still available if you didn’t catch the vinyl.

Various – Music Over Distance 

The first lockdown thing ensured everyone had creative time on their hands while at the same time the doctors and nurses were struggling with getting enough PPE because our stupid government had put their friends in charge of producing and sourcing it. So we did the Music Over Distance compilation which put musicians together (distantly) to create a new track born out of lockdown. We raised over £1500 for the PPE For NHS Staff Fundraiser. If you haven’t got it yet then it is up on Bandcamp with any future funds raised going to my local hospital at Airedale.

Memory Drawings  – A Few Scattered Hours 

Memory Drawings released their fourth album A Few Scattered Hours. The whole nerve centre of the band has shifted across to America now so I’m less involved these days. I’m still there tinkling away on acoustic guitar alongside a host of amazing musicians Joel has got together. I feel this album has been somewhat overlooked so please, if you haven’t listened it is up on Spotify etc and the 2x CD version has some incredible remixes by the likes of Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and Insides. The vinyl version is out soon too…and have you watched the video?

…..and that was it. also I did that most 2020 of things and got Coronavirus. I was fine…just a few slightly unpleasant symptoms. I got to lay in bed a lot and when not doing that finished off a forthcoming 7” single. Grateful to have escaped unscathed but please all stay safe out there.


So what happens next…..

  • In February we should finally unleash our next single The Definition Glance on Acuarela. Really excited for this coming out particularly as it’s twinned with a vinyl re-issue on the same label. …something that has never been on vinyl before.
  • Recordings of Weird Air – a tape-only album should emerge sometime in 2021. Here’s an early taste of Housing Tract Blues.  
  • The next Western Edges album, Dependency is due to be released on Sound In Silence some time in the first half of 2021. As you may or may not know, this is a separate project making blurry electronics and amateur dub techno.
  • Not sure when we’ll reschedule those shows. Let’s see how things pan out and we’ll have a think. Safe to say they will definitely be with Epic 45 (whose latest album you should check out if you haven’t yet).

The main thing to say is thank you for all your support. We know there’s so many other things to spend your hard earned money on than autumnal regret and tangled melancholy. I’d probably crumble in a heap if I couldn’t do this any more. It gets pretty tight sometimes but I’m determined to press on regardless and not just your purchases but even kind words can keep things going. So thank you.

Wishing a wonderful as possible Christmas to everyone and 2021 has got to be better, right? Also let’s stay in touch. I’m always happy to chat. Please don’t be alone. These are tough times.

Merry Christmas

Richard / The Declining Winter

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