Really Early, Really Late

On its way and due March/April 2023. Please contain yourselves.

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My Greatest Friend

…and so we wait for Really Early, Really Late which is going to be really late indeed -maybe April or May of 2023. There should be a single January or February 2023. The A side is nine minutes long, the B side is not on the forthcoming album. It will be digital only.

A new Great Panoptique Winter (myself and Jason Sweeney) album has just been completed!

In the meantime here’s another demo from what will be our next project… way, way down the line……

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2022 update

The Declining Winter ‘Mother’s Son’ demo 


There’s nothing like a death in the family to throw you out of whack. If anyone was waiting for us to do anything at all in 2022 then it’s worth me writing this note to explain the total and utter silence.

My mother Jean passed away in April. She had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2021. However long we had to get used to the idea didn’t help temper the absolute shock and devastation of when it actually happens. Nothing means a whole lot to me right now, music somewhere at the bottom of my list of important things.

As the months go by I slowly return to bits and bats of music if only for therapeutic reasons. Our latest album ‘Really Early, Really Late’ was 98% finished at the turn of the year and this has now been mastered and sent for pressing with a provisional release date of March 2023. CD and double vinyl on Home Assembly, tape on Rusted Rail. We’re going all out. And if I can get it together then we may try to do some shows. 

Other things in the pipeline…

A further The Declining Winter EP of very very sad songs…in collaboration with Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers).

A Western Edges tape made in collaboration with Glen Shipley.

Two further Hood represses.

Anyway a cheery note for you. Thanks for patience and support. 

Richard / The Declining Winter

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‘I Remember’

This was part of a project by Manchester label Paper Piano in which artists were asked to re-interprete or produce original work based on the poem ‘I Remember’ by Thomas Hood. Physical has come by way of two 7″ lathe cut singles both including the booklet produced by Paper Piano as well as the original CDr version.

Below you can see a stills video of our track ‘I Remember’ and below that stream/buy on Bandcamp or stream on Spotify

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The Definition Glance Video

A brand new hotshot video for our new single ‘The Definition Glance’. Don’t ask me why but I spent two months filming all the different lampposts in Ilkley. Put together by the wizards at HAM. Please watch, share etc.

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