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There has been a distinct lack of Declining Winter activity this year. I’ve been involved mostly in the Memory Drawings project as well as general life-living stuff. I had intended to release a record this year, a 10″ we finished in march has now been put back to 2013 which is a real shame as I was excited to see it see the light of day.  There is also some kind of in-built mechanism preventing me from finishing any tracks except this one ‘The Year of Forty’ which has been meddled with for months off and on. There has been talk of releasing it on 7″ vinyl and I hope that still comes to fruition, but for now please feel free to download the track plus a couple of demo’s from our Bandcamp page.  I have decided to make these tracks available permanently as, unless a windfall comes in soon, there won’t be a vinyl release in the forseeable future.

The Year of Forty
Tokmak (version)
Oh You’ll Never Learn (demo)


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