It’s been a slow start to 2016 but we are in fact working on music….at a snails pace. There are about 20 tracks in various states of being unfinished working towards a forthcoming album which will probably only emerge next year at the rate we are going. As a treat for anyone who even bothers to look at this there’s a short demo of a track we’ve been working on below. You will only hear it by coming here. Social Media has got to the point where every time I post something I think that people think I’m wanting attention so at the moment we’ll post stuff up semi hidden and if people find it, they find it.


Remember we have three records that came out last year. All can be found digitally on our Bandcamp page, with the last of the three still available on CD.

You also may be interested to know that there is a new Bracken album out soon. Please go here to listen/pre-order.

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