Slow Spring


Been a bit hesitant to post this as don’t want to turn it into any kind of ‘these were the last recordings’ type thing…. but for anyone who is interested this is the track me and the late Chris Tenz worked on in January a week or so before his passing. It is a remix for a band called the Leaf Library that I was really struggling to finish. Chris came into the studio like a whirlwind with so many ideas happening at once that the whole thing got turned on it’s head and ended up with a lot more of the Tenz wild creativity and sonic insanity than I could have ever imagined. The very end features me answering an imaginary phone call from him telling me off for not getting the track finished. He insisted that this is how he wanted the track to end and we spent ages setting it up. Two days later Chris texted me begging me to get it done and to send it down to him so he could hear it. Now I know why he was in such a rush.

Still thinking of you, you crazy man…..

Richard x

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