Performed a miracle there

Sadly not ‘our boys’ who reduced our singer to turning the air blue in a field last sunday (no change there then). We, however did a lot better in actually getting our world cup record into a physical format and available to purchase in the three weeks we had between it getting recorded and the World Cup starting. One day i’ll write up the full story, its incredible – it will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster – the feel bad story of the year.

Several people need to be named and congratulated in public for their help in making it happen:

Choque Hosein for magically turning a basic demo into a rollicking widescreen production.

Sara Johnson for the original release plan before a house/job move got in the way

Home Assembly Music for taking up the mantle, frantically gathering funds and round the clock work to make it happen on a ridiculous time frame

Rachel Woolley for learning photoshop from scratch in order to create the fantastic Panini Stickers

Shorn Keld for two enormously rushed mastering jobs after the files got corrupted first time round

Carmel McNamara for the use of images without receiving a please or a thankyou

Caroline Cummings for web assistance

Paul Elam, Richard Morris, Sarah Kemp, Gareth S Brown and Elaine Reynolds for fantastic playing …..and lightheartedly accepting my attempts to ruin their musical credibility

Everyone who bought the limited or any other edition. Anyone who reviewed it or promoted it.

This will be the last time we attempt something so ridiculous. We have a bleak, difficult, arty disc out later this summer on Secret Furry Hole to get things back to normal. More details when we have them……….
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