The Year Is Full of Interesting Things

It’s one of those fallow years for The Declining Winter as we slowly work on new stuff. However there’s a couple of things coming up that I’m going to mention so that anyone who actually reads this blog and has enough interest in our activities can store for future reference. As usual I’ll publicise everything via social media and our mailing list so make sure you follow/subscribe.

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First up we have collaborated with Refold, Plaey Workshop, North Brewery and Studio Build on…get this… a 7″ that comes with a beer. We have songs on one side of the 7″ and there’s going to be a limited cassette with all four songs recorded for the project. More details soon.

Next is a release on Paper Piano Press which is a booklet of writings and photos which will come with a CDr of music. Going to be very limited this one so eyes peeled.

Working on a 7″ only release (remember them) for later in the year and in talks about finally getting a vinyl only compilation of rare The Declining Winter tracks and unreleased stuff off the ground. Probably next year on this one.

For now thanks for reading/listening

Richard/The Declining Winter

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