The Old Have Killed The Young

It’s a line from The Jangling Man by the Cleaners from Venus. Other lines in that song that are just as relevant….

And all you kids in Cardboard City
I hope you’re having fun
And all you voters everywhere
Will remember what you’ve done

It could have literally been written today but it came out in 1990. Nothing changes then or if it does it just gets worse. I broke one of my own hard and fast rules by politicising my Twitter account in the week running up to the election. Generally I’d prefer just to talk about the music not my breakfast or Brexit but I think I was amongst a lot of people getting increasingly panicky about a returning Conservative government. Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll see why voting Tory is a bad idea so I’m not going to get into that too much here. What I want to focus on within our little music bubble is of how we all continue in the coming months and years.

There are hundreds of obstacles in the way in producing and selling music right now including high overseas postage costs, the cost of pressing vinyl and algorithms being against us so we can’t get our message out there via social media or even by email because google hates you seeing our missives.

But this is only going to get worse. Our band barely tours as it is but travelling around Europe as a musician relies on freedom of movement. Green cards and visas will soon be necessary and carnets required in order to sell merchandise. So that is out as an income stream even if we were able to tour more frequently. Unless a good deal is struck (and Boris wasn’t exactly trying hard last time out) then tariffs will be applied on incoming goods. Where do all our records get pressed? Europe. Records are already extortionate and increased production costs will see prices go even higher. We rely on all you wonderful people in Europe buying our records and downloads but further tariffs and even higher postage costs will make these unaffordable for many of you.

So what do we do? Bloody well carry on is what we’ll do until there is no breath in our bodies. Home Assembly Music are already planning a bunch of releases next year and will continue to do this until the pot runs dry or we die. We will continue with all our projects and delve deep into music as a way of escaping our awful country and the people who run it and the people who voted for them. Sadly those with disabilities, who are homeless, ill, unemployed, are from the EU or are immigrants into this country don’t have that same choice.

One positive. If the Twittersphere is an echo chamber then it’s an echo chamber filled with nice caring people. From musicians (some whose music I admit to normally hating), to footballers to actors and comedians, many have shown unbelievable bravery is risking abuse in order to stand up for what they believe in.

There are many many good people out there. But those who have voted for the billionaires for the liars and the cheats and the out and out racists, then all I hope is that when everything comes crashing down completely and we don’t have free healthcare and (less importantly perhaps) your favourite band no longer makes records then you will remember what you’ve done.

It’s all screwed against all the good in the world but we will never give in.

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