What? Presence

Our presence in both the real and imagined (i.e internet) world has diminished in recent months. Two saturdays ago, I committed Twitter suicide and so The Declining Winter twitter account is now null and void. I just got tired of the whole ‘self promotion’ thing. I think I’m better off using my time in more creative and substantial ways and I’m not sure anyone took any notice of our infrequent mutterings anyway. Apparently we are still on My Space but I haven’t looked for about 3 months.

Any news that happens will be posted here.  I know thats a faff but maybe its better to let people find stuff rather than shoving it down their necks.

The other reason for silence is my continued commitments to finishing work on a new home in which I can live. Seemingly set to continue until the end of time.

So sorry for the silence. The one small morcel of news is that The Memory Drawings album is coming out this year. We have been busy putting the final touches to that.

Enjoy the upcoming spring.

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