31 Songs for Japan

Having toured in Japan back in the day with Hood, the place has always been very special to me. I’ve never met kinder, more considerate people and the enthusiasm they had for our music was wonderful to behold. Therefore we were all very saddened by the recent earthquake and tsunami and as usual with todays fast moving world the whole thing seems to have been forgotten.

This compilation has been produced by the wonderful people at Flau. We have made many friends over the years in Japan but one constant has been Yakushiko, whether providing us with excellent remixes under the Aus moniker or buying stock from us for his shop. Anyway that is a long winded way of saying that this compilation to help the Red Cross in Japan is out now. It is available at their Bandcamp page right now and in two weeks a full digital release will take place courtesy of Boomkat.

Our track ‘Kentmere’ is a rough version of a track which will hopefully be fleshed out in time for our next album (currently due 2023) and I can pretty much guarantee it will be the only thing we release this year.  But more importantly you get unreleased tracks from my brother Bracken, The Boats, Hauschka, Pimmon, Peter Broderick, Isan, Sylvain Chauveux and many,  many more.

Please support this release and get some great music while helping people still desperately in need.

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