Apparently its ‘summer’ outside but looking out all I see is leaden skies and heavy rain. Therefore it could easily be November. Does the fact that we are having a band practice next week count as breaking news? There’s also some recording going on but the main piece of upcoming tittle tattle revolves around the MEMORY DRAWINGS record which includes three of our members within its grooves. It is slated for a release at the end of the year so keep all eyes peeled. There are monthly updates of the Memory Drawings site including a bit of video which I was fairly proud to have uploaded without incident.

In other news we were very pleased to see that the ’31 Songs for Japan’ compilation has already raised almost £700 for the Japanese Red Cross. Good work.

You can still download it at the links below. It includes unreleased music by us, a fantastic Bracken tune as well as The Boats, Isan, Haushka and many more…..





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