Spruced Up Website

I know it’s probably all very 2004 but we really shouldn’t ignore the humble old website. So if you are tired of communicating with us on Snap Chat here is the perfect retro solution. We’ve tried to give the place a bit of a tidy up and updated a few things like adding all the news from 2016 which I’ve previously ignored, the videos page and the listen section which now contains all the sounds you can stream on bandcamp.

I like to try to use most of my spare time creating music rather than faffing around with code so please be aware the site won’t ever be very slick. It’s probably full of mistakes….and therefore reflects the music pretty well.

Anyway do contact us if anything is wrong. In the meantime in lieu of your time here is a demo of a track off our forthcoming LP which is now titled ‘Belmont Slope’. Due sometime in 2017….or 2018.

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